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House Cleaners Reading

After a long, hectic day at work, it is calming to walk into a home that is clean, cosy and smelling nice. You want to enjoy this wonderful feeling, but the multiple demands of your hectic life may make it difficult to spend enough time to keep the house clean. This is where Advent Cleaning, professional house cleaners Reading come in. You can always rely on us for all your house cleaning needs.

Do you need your house cleaned to reduce allergens? Want the entire house cleaned from top to bottom or just a few rooms? Just give Advent Cleaning a call with your needs, and we will have your house cleaned and ready in no time.

We go above and beyond to ensure no details are missed during our house cleaning services. We have a team of well-trained and fully equipped house cleaners Reading to clean every room in your home based on your specific needs.

House Cleaning Services We Offer


Bedroom Cleaning

The bedroom is one of the most used rooms of any home, so, it gets a little chaotic at times. Advent Cleaning bedroom cleaning services start with tidying up the bedroom. This includes dusting the bedroom surfaces, removing the cobwebs, and vacuuming your bedroom floor.

Living Area and Dining Room Cleaning 

Whether your living and dining room is reserved for formal occasions, family gatherings, or used daily, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Advent Cleaning can help give your space the detailed cleaning it deserves.

Kitchen Cleaning

The Kitchen is one of the toughest areas to clean and tackling it yourself is out of the way. Advent Cleaning can help you with that. We dust and wipe countertops and eliminate crumbs, clean cook tops, polish the exterior of your appliances, wipe away any fingerprints.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms see a lot of use throughout the day and keeping soap scum, and mildew at bay can be tough. Advent Cleaning house cleaning professionals clean your bathroom from top to bottom, including removing cobwebs, washing and sanitizing toilets, vanities, and showers.

Doors and Windows Cleaning

Our experts properly wash the doors and windows both inside and outside, remove the dust, dirt, and cobwebs, clean the window sills and blinds, clean the shutters and tracks for sliding windows. Contact us for more info – 01183759531.

What’s included in our House Cleaning?


As our professionals move through your home, they dust every nook and corner, starting with cobwebs hiding in hard to reach corners. The professionals then work their way down to your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and so on, top to bottom. This efficient and thorough method helps us capture all dust and dirt, making it easier to remove it from your home.

You can rely on our team of trusted house cleaners Reading to handle your delicate items with care, moving from your ceiling to shelves and furniture to the rest of your home surfaces. After ensuring that all of your floorboards, counters, and walls are clean, our house cleaners will begin the specific room cleaning process. We help remove harmful allergens, bacteria, and other sickness causing substances from your home.

Advent house cleaning service’s goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the cleaning services you receive. That is why we offer a worry-free service guarantee.

If you need your house cleaned or need more information about our house cleaning services, contact Advent Cleaning. We will be happy to work with you to find a house cleaning plan that suits your needs.

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